Share by email not working?

Hi team & community!

Is “Share/Share via Link or email” broken only for me, or does it affect other people?

  • I shared two papers by email an hour ago, clicking on the “Send a copy to myself”.
  • I haven’t received anything yet an hour later (on my corp address).
  • Neither has my collaborator (an @gmail address)
  • I do have checked the Spam folder, nothing there either.

I’m making another test with another collaborator, will report here later today, but was curious to see if I was the only one facing the problem.

Email sharing is up and running. Sending emails is handled by an external provider. It typically is more or less instantaneous but sending email is complex and there can be delays for various reasons.

We have actually never heard a single complaint though. If your emails keep getting lost, let me know through the in-app support channel and I dig into the logs to see what’s going wrong for you.

Hi Stefan

Thanks a lot for your answer! Please let me know if I’m being over-abundant on the forum :slight_smile:
Thanks for checking the logs. This is very weird: neither I nor any of my two collaborators, in a total of 3 sharing, received anything.

The destinations domains were,, and, and none has received anything.

Would it help if I make a test with an email address of yours?
All the best,


Sure, just include me with and I’ll let you know if I get it.

Btw. did you get the email notification about my response here in the forum? Our forum uses exactly the same email provider so I wonder if you got that. It’s the same logs and you should have received one 5:55pm

I think it’s exactly this problem here. It seems the and did not process it yet. For the email I have a response from the SMTP server that it was accepted for delivery.

Let’s wait, chances are they just come in a few hours. Still you can send me a test share, I’m always interested in interesting stuff to read :wink:

Thanks Stefan!
I still haven’t seen anything on and, neither in main inbox neither in spam folder. It is very weird. I almost never had such problems with delays in emails – when it happened it was because of greylisting by some of my mail providers, but I never had that problem when receiving on @google or I hope it will not be systematic with @google recipients, where most of my colleagues are.

I have just sent you a test share by email, right now at 10:45 GMT. I’m curious to see how long until you receive it.

Hi Stefan. Anything received on your end, by any chance? Nothing on my side, from any of the tests, sadly :’(

No, I did not get anything. I have to dig deeper in what’s going on over at Mandrill. It’s clearly not on our side because they end up in Mandrill but they are not delivered. I’ll let you know when I know more. Sorry for the trouble.

I now really suspect it has something to do with your Google Google account, if you know what I mean. I’ll ask someone else with a address to see if that is really the problem.

Thanks stefan! Out of curiosity, what made you narrow down the problem on my domain? I’ll ask one of my colleagues to try too.

I’ve heard back from another Googler and he has the same problem. We set the sender’s address of our emails to the email address your account but send the emails through Mandrill’s servers. Google seems to be more restrictive here when somebody uses a adress to send and email. I need to find out if there is a way to configure Mandrill to fix that.

But I can’t promise when we get to it, we put it on our bug tracker for now.

That should be fixed now. Please let me know if it is still an issue.