Share link to pdf without annotations

Is there an option to send a link to a pdf in my library without my annotations included?


It is not currently possible. I made a feature request for this to be added, but I can’t find it just now. If I recall correctly, the developers were considering adding this in the future, although it did not seem like a high priority for them. Personally it is a pretty important feature. Without it I am forced to use third party apps to annotate my PDFs in order to keep them pristine if I need to share them later on…


This feature is definitely on our list, and we hope to address it in one of the next updates.


@andreas Are there any news on this feature? I’d love to see it as well.


Would also be very interested. Because sometimes i have ideas about papers that i want to discuss with my phd supervisors later, but i dont want them to be biased by my nodes …

+1 for this feature! This makes the shared folders very hard to for me to use.

This feature would be really helpful for me as well - hope this is still happening!

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It could be very useful to have the option to hide all annotations, like a toggle hide/show annotations. Also print without annotations…

You can print without annotations. In the print menu their are options for basic (no annotations), with annotations, and annotations only.

I often print without annotations then save as PDF for a clean copy.


Thanks for the tip =)

Looking forward to it bro

I have been looking forward to this feature for a long time!

And when I read the pdf, could there be button that can turn on and off all the annotations?

+1. Looking forward to this feature.

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+1. As people said, it will be great to be able to turn off the annotation when discussing the paper or sending it to someone. You can “print” it as pdf without annotation but then that pdf is not searchable.

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Any update on this basic feature that is being requested since 2016?

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The ability to share PDFs without annotations is planned to be included in a complete overhaul of our sharing system, which has been in the works for a while but pushed back in favor of other updates. We intend to get back to it after rolling out novelties for our web-app UI and extension soon. We’ve kept track of feedback / requests and realize how popular this one is - in spite of delays it’s never been off our radar!


Any updates? I still don’t see any options to toggle annotations on or off. This would also be useful to decrease lag due to loading annotations when scrolling.

@Robert_Hadfield @Daniel_Fatori @gkumar @A_O @Kai @Pfeffer_Rolfson @Melissa_Warr @moyarzunw @Claire_Bomkamp @Kai_Lukoff @Bierbarbar @dmorozov @Kerim @Christos I’m happy to announce that new sharing features, like the ability to share PDFs without including your annotations via link, the option to choose between shared and private notes and annotations in shared folders, and the ability to toggle between shared or your private set of annotations in the PDF viewer are now in beta. To try them out, you will first need to activate the new Paperpile. You can read more about the new sharing features here.