Share link to pdf without annotations



Is there an option to send a link to a pdf in my library without my annotations included?


It is not currently possible. I made a feature request for this to be added, but I can’t find it just now. If I recall correctly, the developers were considering adding this in the future, although it did not seem like a high priority for them. Personally it is a pretty important feature. Without it I am forced to use third party apps to annotate my PDFs in order to keep them pristine if I need to share them later on…


This feature is definitely on our list, and we hope to address it in one of the next updates.


@andreas Are there any news on this feature? I’d love to see it as well.


Would also be very interested. Because sometimes i have ideas about papers that i want to discuss with my phd supervisors later, but i dont want them to be biased by my nodes …