Share paper in shared folder

with friends we use a shared library. How can I share on paper from the shared library with someone else?

I can share single papers from my personal library but don’t find this possibility in the shared folders. There, I can only share the folder.

Indeed, @Kevin_Suhr1, in the current sharing model single papers can only be shared from one’s library. You would need to add the specific paper to your library from the shared folder before sharing it individually via link or email.

Thank you @vicente . How would you recommend then collaboration withoout having an individual and shared library? We tried also to buy multiple licenses via my account hoping to share the “personal library” then, but this didn’t work either.

I suppose that depends on what your preferred collaboration workflow looks like, but there might not be much more to recommend. Shared folders are simply a “transitional” sharing space, which can be used to exchange papers between collaborators or maintain shared collections, but ultimately papers must be saved to one’s library in order to cite or edit them in any way. Group/multiple licenses don’t include any additional collaboration features.

Hope that makes some sense. I’ve mentioned in other threads that we’re currently working on a complete rewrite of our sharing structure, so we’ll be offering more collaborative features in the near future. No timeline for that yet, but we’re expecting to share a roadmap soon which should have more info about this and other features.

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