Shared Folder Annotations/Highlights


My colleague and I are sharing a folder filled with PDFs. However, when we make any annotations/highlights they do not save nor do the appear for either of us. If I save the document to my own personal folder, both my comments and my colleague’s comments appear in that file, but still do not appear in the shared filed.

Any ideas?

Welcome to our forum, @Michael_Blackburn! Thanks for reaching out here as well as via email. As I mentioned there, we don’t yet offer collaborative annotations – papers on shared folders will show the annotations made by the sharer up to the point of sharing (visible to everyone), but those won’t stay updated – you would need to delete and re-add the file in order for new annotations to appear in the shared version of the file…

We realize this is not very seamless and are currently working on a whole new sharing structure, which will introduce collaborative annotations and many other features. Current expectation is for this to be released by the beginning of next year (or sooner).