Shared folder as online publication list?

Paperpile almost has a great solution for my online publication list by having a shared folder of my papers and just sharing the url. I can add papers locally and the same page URL reflects the change when its refreshed. Its a beautiful page, with links to PDF, expandable abstract, formatted whatever style I want. Superb.

Questions/Feature requests

  1. Does the URL persist? Can I rely on it on my CV?
  2. Is it possible to have this list sorted by publication date?
  3. Is it possible to modify the page header? Maybe displaying “Dave Lunt has shared papers with you” could be suggested text in the sharing window? Then I could replace it with “Dave Lunt’s Publications”

PS If you are displaying the publications of a big group, or you have a lot yourself, subfolders by year works really nicely to structure the page

It’s definitely a good use case for our sharing pages.

It has been suggested before to add additional features including a sort option (see the thread below) and we hope to have some time and resources in the future to improve the feature set of the public sharing pages.

In any case, the links are permanent as long as you don’t delete the shared folder from your account.