Shared labels for papers in shared folders

It would be great for collaborative work if you could create shared labels. We have several papers on the go with the same group of people and a lot of the papers work for several of the manuscripts so we dont want to make a folder for each separate manuscript. It would be helpful if we could attach labels to the papers in the one shared folder so that we can better organize the shared papers.


I’d like to know if there are updates on this matter? Having this option would be VERY useful!
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Changes to the way shared folders function are still a ways off at the moment, so currently the best way to do this is to use subfolders in shared folders. A single paper can be in multiple shared folders and subfolders, so they can somewhat be used as a form of label.

Same request from our team.

Ping. Would be a great feature (and others to collaboratively work with the library)

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We’re not too far from this anymore! Check out our roadmap and this survey for some details of what’s planned (and currently being worked on) for sharing.

Any updates on this feature? It would be most helpful for my organization too

I’d like this too.