Sharing a library/ multiple users accessing one library

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Apologies if this question has already been answered. I’m considering using Paperpile for a project which will require multiple users accessing all the same folders and labels. I understand you can share folders with other users but that the labels are not shared, which will make it harder for other users to filter the references that they require.

Can this be worked around with having one generic account multiple people can use to keep the library updated? E.g. using a group Google account. Essentially I need others to see exactly what I see when they login but it appears the structure is user-specific.

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Yes, if you share a Google account everyone will see exactly the same as you do. However, it’s not recommended for many reasons. One of which is that if your colleagues are in different locations at the same time Google might become suspicious of hacking and block access.

At the moment shared folders are the recommended way. Please note that papers can be in multiple sub-folders, so they pretty much behave like labels. So it might be an option for you to organize a shared folder in sub-folders.

That said, we have concrete plans to improve the situation and allow users to share their complete library including labels with others.

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I would be very interested in a way to share publicly a more dynamic version of what is possible to share now, or a read-only version of the current paperpile interface, so all the visitors to our website can search and review the >500 publications related to our website. Any possibilities?

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one way to do this might be to have a single shared folder, and then use labels to categorize the various types of papers.

This feature would be very valuable and inline with multiuser everything like google drive. I have documents with 4-5 people editing, but only I can do references. Would like to assign one person to be “reference editor” but we all need access to that database. Would like to have my assistant check and clean all reference links etc. etc. - Can charge extra for multi-user feature -

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Any update on this? I like a lot about Paperpile, but lack of ability to have multiple users work with a library/database, not just passively, is a key roadblock. Might make me go back to Mendeley.

Welcome to our forum, @David_Goldhaber-Gord! You might want to fill out this survey, where you can also learn more about what we have planned for sharing. Current expectation is to have a beta for these sharing updates out by the second half of this year.

What is the status on this? We are a group of people needing access to the same library. My understanding is that right now we can only share folders but not a library with the original documents and the annotations done in paperpile. Is this correct? Or is there a workaround?

Welcome to our forum, @Schneider_Reto. Significant changes for our extension and interface are currently in beta; although this version does not yet include sharing updates these are planned to be implemented by spring.

In the meantime, the best way to achieve this would indeed be using our shared folders for collaborators to access, add & save papers (which will include original documents and annotations made up to the point of sharing).