Sharing a reference library with coauthors?

Hi there! I am writing a paper with a group of coauthors who have decided to also start using Paperpile, because it is so easy to collaborate that way on Google Docs. Is there any way for me to share my Paperpile library (in which I have corrected a number of references), or do they each need to repeat that work in order to cite the same references in our paper? Although it’s not a huge amount of work (maybe a couple of hours), I’d like to spare them the repeated effort and just allow them to sync with my reference library somehow.

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to our forum, Erica! You can use shared folders to share references (or your whole library) with your coauthors. While these folders will appear in their accounts once shared, it is important they save the references to their own libraries in order to be able to cite them in Google Docs. Feel free to share any other questions or observations you might have here or via chat/email (

Thank you! We will try it!