Shift select a range of papers

Often I get to the end of writing something and I’ve added a bunch of new papers to my paperpile and want to chuck them all in a folder. Only way I can do that is to tick each one, being able to shift select a range would be a great quality of life improvement.

You can actually select-shift. However, you need to click anywhere but the tick. It’s a subtle bug we are aware of and it’s on our list of UI fixes.

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Ah that explains it, I tried a bunch of times thinking “surely it must do this” but was always clicking the tick boxes.

Bump… This is still an issue, and can be surprisingly confusing until you find this post.

Thanks Jacob. I did some digging and the bug was marked as fixed in our bug tracker and we have a fix on a separate development branch. But it seems we never actually included the fix in the released product.

I’ve opened the issue again in our internal bug tracker now.