Shorcut to select text in MacOS app

Hello everyone! Every time I want to select a text from an article, when I double click on a word, many times instead of selecting the text, the app zooms in on the entire document. It is very difficult to make a text selection to the first.

Is there a shortcut to select text within a document?

@alonso_carvajal, are you using our beta web PDF viewer? If not, you can activate it from the top right corner of your library by clicking your email > Settings > Browser Integration > PDF Viewer and selecting ‘Viewer with annotations (beta)’. On my end (and to my knowledge), double/triple/quadruple clicking does nothing besides selecting text. Let me know.

Hi @vicente, I’ve trying the beta web PDF viewer and I found it excellent, it really covers the usability gap that exists in the desktop app.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion,

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