Short DOIs for Neater Bibliographies

Hi all!

I’m a Zotero user here, who’s trying to migrate to Paperpile because of the awesome iPad and Android apps, and integration with major academic databases.

However, over the last couple of years I have developed a habit of using Short DOIs that Zotero creates via lookup on shortDOI Service. I use the DOI Manager plugin on Zotero to do this. Makes for really neat bibliographies.

Do you plan to add support for automatic fetching of Short DOIs in upcoming versions? Thanks!

Welcome to our forum, @nve! Thanks for the request and details. Looks like it’s the first time this has been brought to our attention, so I’ve added your feedback to our tracker for the team to consider. No workaround to speak of at the moment, I’m afraid, as our system currently default to the regular DOI (even if the shorter link is added to the URL list). Sorry I don’t have better news.


I think it will be a good feature to add in the future, because I expect certain publishers to begin recommending scholars to start using Short DOIs to give some uniformity to bibliographies.

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