Shortcut collision on Mac (CMD-SHIFT-P)

I don’t know how long Google Docs has had CMD-SHIFT-P as a shortcut for “show non-printing characters”, but this blocks the “Insert citation” shortcut from being detected.
Is there a way to re-enable it?
I’m using Chrome 117.0.5938.132.

@Pete_Carlton Thanks for your report. This can happen if you hit the shortcut twice in a row fast - is that what you’ve been observing? It should work normally if you hit the shortcut once. The team has made a bug for this issue.

Thanks for the reply, and no, I wasn’t typing it twice in a row fast.
But, this suggestion did make me realize that this issue only appears on a Mac where I use a non-standard keyboard (FILCO Majestouch 2). It doesn’t happen on a laptop, and it doesn’t happen with an Apple (bluetooth) keyboard on the same Mac where the issue happens.
Interestingly, if I press CMD-SHIFT-P twice quickly on a laptop or with the bluetooth keyboard, or hold down CMD-SHIFT-P, the “View nonprinting” state toggles on and off without triggering Paperpile.
After double-tapping or holding down CMD-SHIFT-P, if I keep holding down CMD and SHIFT, then even if I hit the P once at a time, it still only toggles the “View nonprinting” state. I have to let go of CMD and SHIFT, then hit CMD-SHIFT-P, for “Insert citation” to trigger.
A bit hard to explain in detail but I hope this is enough for you to find out what’s going on. Thanks!

Thank you for these additional details, @Pete_Carlton. I’ve shared them with the team.

I also see this behavior as @Pete_Carlton describes.
Long holds, short presses, pressing and releasing, laptop keyboard, external keyboard: none of this works. It always triggers the new “toggle printable” shortcut in Google Docs.

I’m using recent version of Safari.

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