Shortcut for page numbering

I don’t know if this is a feature request or just that I don’t know how yet… Is it possible to open the advanced citation pane in docs with a shortcut? I know that ctrl-alt-p opens the paperpile cite search but everytime I want to add a page number I have to go click on it? Kind of defeats the point of the shortcut.


How about this… could you just make the Tab stop on the references for selecting the advanced menu then Tab again to the page number?

That’s something we could try. Can’t say if it’s easily possible because we wan’t to keep the primary flow: “search, select, insert” unchanged.

Adding a page number is kind of a secondary action and we did not anticipate it’s so often used that a shortcut is even necessary.

Hi, new subscriber, just saying that for me inserting page numbers is also fairly common and so being able to access the advanced citation pane from the keyboard would be a real help.

Thanks for the great software! Have moved from Sente and outside of the PDF quoting Paperpile is handling everything much better.

Yes, it would be great if there was a keyboard-only flow for inserting references with page numbers. Using a tab-stop, for example.