Shortcut to copy DOI

The piece of info of a paper I most frequently want for sharing, citing, etc., is the DOI. Is there any way to get a quick-copy button or shortcut to copy a DOI like we can for a citation key or LateX citation?


This is also a major frustration for me. I need the doi to find the pdf online. Typical workflow to copy the doi so I can get the paper from Sci-Hub is: show details, edit details, copy doi, cancel edit, hide details. There is already a shortcut to go to the doi page, maybe we could have a quick copy button too? Or maybe just the ability to select the text without editing?

@davelunt, perhaps you could use keyboard shortcuts to slightly speed up the process (if you don’t already) – select item > hit Shift-E to open edit dialog > select & copy DOI > hit esc key to close dialog. In any case, I’ve added your feedback to our tracker for the team’s consideration.

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+1 for a quick way to copy the doi of an entry! At least an option to select the doi from the detailed view would be helpful as a workaround.

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+1 this would be really useful when linking papers I’m reading in PaperPile into note taking software.

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