Shortcut to insert text in PDF viewer

Hello Paperpile, I am tossing between using PDF Expert as an offline viewer for the PDF associated with my entries in paperpile and the default paperpile pdf viewer.

I really like the Paperpile viewer because of its shortcut keys in highlighting, one key for different colours, it saves me a lot of time. Under comparison, PDF Expert requires me to highlight first, then select colour - and at the moment, there is no way I could trigger it using the keyboard entirely.

I am wondering if there is any future plan to support a shortcut to insert text (not sticky notes annotation), and have a setting to set the default text colour and font size? For every PDF, at the moment, I need to select font size 8 and colour ‘scarlet’ everytime.


I’ve created a new topic on our tracker for the team to consider when next updating the PDF viewer. We definitely intend to enable more accessibility and customization of annotation tools.

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Thanks @vicente :+1: