Shortcuts with international keyboard layouts


Hello, some of the most crucial shortcuts do not work on my MacBook with Italian layout.

For example, to get a forward slash I need to type shift-7, but it won’t bring up the search field. The ‘+’ shortcut does not work either.

Note that pressing the physical keys corresponding to the ‘/’ or ‘+’ characters in the US layout does not work either.

Those shortcuts only work if I switch to the US keyboard layout via the System Preferences.

In addition, please note that at least one shortcut mapped on a different physical key between layouts DOES work, i.e. the shortcut help screen itself.

I wonder if the reason it works is that in both IT and US layouts you need to press the shift key to get a question mark.



I have the same problem. I have a Danish keyboard layout and only some of the shortcuts work. The shortcuts work if I change to a British keyboard layout and press the corresponding key. I assume that the shortcuts that work across layout are the ones where the keys happen to be in the same place.


Thank you for highlighting this issue. We will look into solutions for this.