Should I upgrade? since we cannot export citation to EndNote

I was very excited to install Paperpile in Word and then I realized that there is no way to export/convert paperpile citation to EndNote. This is such a disappointment. I was impressed with the function of paperpile but most researchers are using EndNote and when I write a paper with other co-authors, paperpile messed up! They are using EndNote and now I have to keep up with all the citations they recommended since my coauthors cannot add citations and integrate them in my paper. I am curious how other researchers are dealing with this with paperpile. I do not see the point to pay for paperpile unfortunately.

I recently upgraded but my teams are using Zotero. While I think I can import/export my library between Paperpile/Zotero, I haven’t figured out a solution to this for documents. I’d be curious to see what others with more experience can advise.

Thanks for the feedback, @AT_AT, and @emanalo for adding your voice here. I understand the usefulness of an export function but it’s not something we’ve prioritized considering – configuring it would require a significant amount of resources, and we are currently focusing on enhancing our own features (see our roadmap). Regardless, I have added your +1s to the topic on our internal tracker for the team’s consideration.

In the meantime, it might be worth pointing out that EndNote citations can be converted to Paperpile format (also Zotero citations) via our Word plugin, which can be used without a Paperpile account/subscription :+1:t4: