Show all the tags in the current search in one place

I love tags and use them a lot. Tags are the bread crumbs I left among the paper trail.

When I click on a Tag (or do a regular search), I often wonder what other tags I have used for these papers. For example, if I click on the tag “alcohol”, some of them also have “nicotine”. This is an easy one but there are also a few other tags I used in the past but don’t remember the exact word I used, such as “long evans”, or a few concepts that I felt interesting at the time of reading the paper but have since forgotten, e.g. “HRM”.

Thus, it would be very useful to list all the tags in the current selection of papers. This can help me explore the reference collection much better and encourage me to tag the papers more. It would be best if there is also a tag count but it would be very useful even without the counts.

I am a long time user. I asked this question when I first started using paper pile and was told there is not an easy solution technically. I am wondering if the situation has changed a bit.