Show full citation in add-on

I think it would be helpful to include the full citation when expanding in the add-on (on the right hand side below), the same way it is done in the “Edit citation” context menu for the (left-hand side).

That’s actually something we thought about and have not come to a final conclusion what’s best.

The information would be redundant because it’s already visible in the list above. Conceptually, there is a separation of the “reference” information from the “citation” information. It’s quite natural when you think about it but it’s not easy to communicate for first time users of the add-on (in particular when they come from systems like EasyBib without in-text citations, where you just have references and a bibliography).

So showing the same information twice probably would not help to make the distinction. Also the room is limited in the vertical layout of the add-on.

We have plans to scroll the item into view and highlight it once you open one of the blue citation tags. That would communicate the connection between the elements and give you all the information you want.

Stephan, the list above contains all of the citations from the document, not just the citations for the currently selected item, it is not convenient to scroll and search for large documents.

Here’s an idea/tradeoff - how about when the user selects a citation in the document (here by citation I mean [1,2,3]) you sort the list of all citations in the document so that those that are cited in the citations show up on top?

That’s why I suggested we automatically scroll it into the view for you.

Oh, I see - yes, indeed, if I click on the specific citation (the blue box) and you scroll to the full citation in the list - this would do it :+1:

Let’s see how this works in reality. We’ve had quite a few ideas which sounded good on paper but in the end did not work out too well when implemented. But I’m optimistic for this one :slight_smile:

The add-on has only recently appeared on my extension. I am really struggling with not having the full citation information when I click on the blue citation link. All I can see is the final author and year which means I need to google the name and author every time to understand what I cited. This has really downgraded my user experience. Am I missing something? Is there another way for me to view all the information.