Show more than 20 papers

Hi developers
At times I have many many papers in the same folder/label which I need to scroll through quite fast. I find the initial 20 papers shown very limiting. Is there a way to show more than 20 at a time??


I would also appreciate being able to view more than 20 at a time. There will be a performance tradeoff; viewing more will slow things down, for sure, but putting this in the user’s hands would seem like a reasonable thing to do. Then users could decide how much what works best in their environment. (They might even select fewer than 20, in some cases.)

I, too, would appreciate this. One thing that has bugged me is that when only 20 entries are showing and hit the ‘Select’ button to select them all, it only selects the 20 entries that are currently shown. I need to scroll to the bottom of the list in order to cache all of the papers using that label (or residing in a folder) before I can do anything to the whole batch.

Isn’t there a cache on our computers that Chrome uses when running Paperpile? Wouldn’t this make it easier to load as many entries as we’d like?

+1 for this.

I’d like this facility as well.

Happy to confirm our new web app ( currently in beta) immediately displays/loads all papers :pray:t4: