"Signature" as well as page, folio etc

In the drop down list for the position in the text, when entering a citation, could “signature” be added, along with page, folio, column etc.?

This is the usual way to refer to pages in early printed texts that have not been paginated or foliated. Instead, one goes by the printer marks that were used label the folded signatures, which ensured that they were sewn up in the correct order. For example, sig. a3v. Or sigs B7r-C4v.

I actually thought that used to be there; but didn’t find it today when I needed to make such a citation!

It’s not part of the official ‘locators’ in the CSL specification (http://docs.citationstyles.org/en/stable/specification.html#locators)

So before we can do anything here is we need to check if it’s something we can technically add on our end or which has to be handled by CSL. We’ll keep you posted.