Single Reference Page for Multiple Word Docs

I’m writing an NIH grant that has many subsections that will need to be uploaded as separate pdfs, with one pdf upload being the references for all other pdfs.
It looks like you can’t copy the reference sections from multiple documents (using the same citation style) into a new word doc and click update to sort them and remove duplicates. If you don’t have citations in a main text section, it will remove all of the copied references.
It would be nice if there were an automated way to created a master reference document from multiple word documents.
Right now, I assume the work around is to combine the word docs as a single text, then save the Reference section as a pdf for upload. If anyone has other suggestions, please let me know. Thanks

Captain Glass - what about creating hidden text that includes all the citations? IOW, 1. copy all the text from all documents into the final/last document
2. Delete all text except for the in-text citations.
3. Use those citations to create the references
4. Format the citations-text as hidden, font size 1

The result would be a small blank area, and your references would be created from the PP citations

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@captglasspac that is indeed the best workaround at the moment, since in-text citations contain the code/links we use to format and generate the reference list. We’ve received the request to support/handle multiple bibliographies in a single document before, so I’m adding your +1 to that topic on our tracker for the team’s consideration.

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