Single User, Multiple Chrome Profiles, Single PP Account?

Hi PP Team,

I’ve been using PP for a while, on the academic account, and love the service. I have multiple email addresses, though, and would like to combine them so that I can use the service when connected in either of my Chrome profiles (personal, work and university). Is this possibe without purchasing extra accounts? Ideally, the same view on the app would appear on each Chrome profile.

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Yes, it’s possible to sign in to a Chrome Profile with Google account A and within this profile use Google Account B to sign in to Paperpile. That should not cause any problems when you want to view your library or use the Chrome extension to add papers to your library.

Only if you use Google Docs you need to be logged in to the same Google account that you used for Paperpile.

But in no scenario you would need to subscribe twice.

I’m not sure if this is only my case, but it gets a bit more complicated and troublesome than that. If I use Google Docs I need log out (unlink) my private/other Google accounts and then log in only to the Google profile used with Paperpile.
When I add the private account again, to check mail etc., then the process needs to be repeated when using Google Docs with Paperpile (unlink, log in…). This happens even when the private account is not used simultaneously across different tabs

I have this same exact problem, @stefan. Is it possible to add a secondary email to use with Google Docs? Or allow Paperpile to work when you are signed into multiple account?

It is possible to use one account for your library and multiple for writing, but there are some known complications.

When using multiple google accounts, formatting can trigger an authentication error due the limits of the Google API we use to make changes to the document. These errors can generally be overcome by using our optional sidebar add-on to format citations when writing documents using another account.

When using the sidebar, take note of this image for another complication which you should keep in mind:

The Chrome extension - which is always linked to your Paperpile account - inserts citations via the overlay on the left. The Bernhardt paper is in my personal library and therefore shows up in the search results. The sidebar, however, only searches your personal library when the account editing the document and your Paperpile account match. In this case, I am editing the document with my work account, but use my personal email for my Paperpile library. Therefore, the sidebar does not display the results from my library.

Keep this in mind and you should be able to navigate writing documents from multiple Google accounts.

TL;DR: use the Chrome extension to insert citations (as normal), and use the sidebar to format them.

@jason, I am not a tech person and kind of struggling with adding multiple google accounts in my paperplie primary account (the google account for my work). Is it possible to create a video tutorial to address this issue as it will help a lot of people who use your service.

Thank you.

This works for me, thanks for this helpful app.