Small request: Open with collapsed directory structure


I’m still loving paperpile and use it daily; thanks! Small request: when the paperpile tab opens, it would be nice if the lefthand folder structure were collapsed instead of fully open. My list of folders is getting big, and I’m spending time collapsing now each time I open paperpile.


also PS: not deserving of its own topic, but is there any easy way to have Nature-style book chapter citations display the chapter name in the bibliography? Right now it’s citing as "In , " or something like that. Thanks.

Hi, I just wanted to bump this real quick because it would be really nice to have the folder structure remember its open/close states instead of being fully expanded. My tree is now huge by default and it’s getting annoying. Thanks!

We’ve now heard from several users that their folder structure gets out of hand with too many folder. It’s easy to control that by having a good hierarchy. I can see how saving the open/close state across session could be very helpful when your folders are deeply nested. So in principle I like the idea, but as usual I can’t say when we get to it as our roadmap for upcoming improvements is already quite dense for the coming months.

My hierarchy has general headings so I can see all of the parent folders in the sidebar. This requires the use of subfolders, and sometimes, sub-sub folders to keep things organized for all of the projects and collaborations that I have ongoing.

Almost everyone uses directory structures. I love PaperPile, but having all of the folders expand when PaperPile opens is a real hassle, particularly when I try to show people who don’t use tags how to use PP.

I guess this must not be that popular as a feature request. It’s a bit of a surprise to me.