Smart folders for authors

I hope this doesn’t duplicate a previous feature request, but the usefulness of Paperpile (though extremely promising!) is significantly limited by the lack of smart folder functionality. For example, I can import my library and I would like to create a folder that automatically includes all papers authored or co-authored by Prof X. It appears there is currently no way of doing this. Will this sort of functionality be included in future?


We currently don’t have plans for smart folders.

As a workaround, you can click on the author in the main list to get all the papers he or she has co-authored.

@stefan Do you have a change of plan regarding this matter?

@phizaz this feature isn’t currently planned, but I have added your +1 for this feature to our tracker. As Stefan suggested, if you select an author in the author list for any bibliographic entry in Paperpile, you will get the list of articles written by that author. You can send those papers to a new folder by selecting all of those papers, and click on the folder icon to create a new folder:

+1 to have this crucial feature added @stefan @suzanne. I implore you all to get this into the pipeline.

I just burned down a library of >10k papers because it was easier to start from scratch than manually go through authors, keywords, journals, publication dates, etc. Granted I needed to be more proactive with my organizational systems, but smart folders would go a long way for those of us who add papers in large batches on a regular basis.