"Smart" Recognition of the Same Publishers/Author

First, I LOVE Paperpile!

I’d like to request a “smart” feature in which Paperpile is able to recognize when a publisher is cited in different ways, and suggests one common name of the publisher.

For example, if the publisher it typed as Sage Publication for one citation, but then just Sage in another, these show up as two different publishers, which obviously is not the case. It would be great if Paperpile would ask the user if these were the same, or even prepopulates the publisher text field with previously used publishers to keep the name consistent. The same goes for authors; if I write James, Michael in one citation and then James, M., it seems Paperpile sees these as two different authors. This could be the case, but Paperpile asking for confirmation would be VERY helpful! Having consistencies like this would help when filtering for certain papers by a publisher or author, for example.

Thanks for a great product, and keep up the awesome work!

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I concur. It would be nice not having to manually change publisher info to align across my bibliography.

Thanks for the request @Mr.G and the +1 @Keelan_Cook. This came up long ago; it has since been on our wishlist but has not been prioritized in our development. We will likely be able to reconsider implementing it now that we’ve released our mobile and desktop apps and are prioritizing what features to add next.