Sneak peek at an article without adding it to Paperpile

I love that Google Scholar populates with the Paperpile button, and I love that it skips past a bunch of proxy silliness and just gets me the .pdf.

But sometimes I want to take a sneak peek at the article without having to add it to my Paperpile. It would be great if I could hover or right-click and get a “take a look without adding to Paperpile” button. Then when I have had a quick look I could click “Add to Paperpile” (preferably on the same tab as the .pdf that I am previewing) and it would do the normal add to Paperpile routine.

seems pretty easy to me. Just click on the link with the PDF. If it is not readily apparent, click on the “all 2 versions” and then select the one with pdf. In some cases, tho, there will not be a pdf - you can still add the paper to paperpile - it just won’t have a pdf. Further, GS does not do an extensive web search for the article… Many times if you google the title, non-scholarly sources will have a pdf. If you have added the paper to PP, once you go to the new website (with the PDF), PP remembers your last addition, and will default to that paper (when you add the PDF).

I can understand the use case, even though we haven’t planned this feature.

I would suggest the following: Click on the google scholar link which brings you to the website. There you can read the abstract, and the full text typically without downloading the pdf. If you decide that you want to import it you can do it via the “P” button in the chrome toolbar.

I have a variation on this request. When searching for new papers (via “Add papers” in Paperpile), I’d love to be able to look at the papers in the results without adding them to paperpile. If it was possible to link their titles to DOI, or something like that, it would be great.