Sorting and Categorizing Annotations by Topic

I would love to see a feature, like in software like Citavi, where annotations, highlights, and notes from multiple articles can somehow be sorted independently of the article they come from. For example, if I’m reading about how scholars define race I would start by highlight the definitions in 5 articles. I’d then create an annotation label called “Race Definitions” and label each annotation from these articles that are relevant. When I’m on the main Paperpile page, like I can filter and see articles association with labels or folders, I would also be able to see annotation labels. Clicking on “Race Definitions” would show a summary page or list of annotations labeled as such allowing me to see what multiple scholars think about each topic. Thoughts on the possibility of something like this fitting into the Paperpile workflow?


Thanks. That’s definitely something we are considering as part of our general effort to combine Paperpile with the PDF viewer and to optimize note taking.


@stefan This option of labeling my annotations and comments is what I really need and I see it’s been requested already since 2016. Any updates about it? Is it coming out soon, please?

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention again @Zahra. The ability to add labels to notes and annotations is a planned new feature that will be implemented when the team works on improvements to note-taking features. I’m also happy to report that in the new Paperpile, which you can try out, it is possible to search for notes made on bibliographic items.