Sorting labels in 'Add/remove label' button

When I click on the ‘Add/remove label’ button to add labels to a bibliographic record I cannot work out the order in which they are listed. Whatever algorithm is used, it doesn’t suit my needs, so I wondered if I have missed a configuration setting somewhere.

If not, can they at least be ordered alphabetically, or most recently used, or most cited? ideally, I’d like to see this configurable.



That seems like a bug. We will come up with a clean solution for this.

(It seems to me that the labels sorted by the time of first use - oldest at the top)

A related point: if one starts typing this shortens the list to matching strings. However if there is a complete match (e.g. DNA) to what is typed this will only be at the top of the list (and thus applied by default) if it is the oldest-added label. Thus it is easy to misannotate.

Concrete example:

Day 1: I add “cDNA” as a label for the first time.
Day 2: I add “DNA” as a label for the first time.
Day 3: I type “DNA” when trying to add a label. “cDNA” is the top match and will be added by default if I hit return.

It would be nice if labels that match completely (“DNA” in the above example) could be the default label used.

Many thanks!

Thanks. The problem is in our bug tracker and we hope we get to this at some point. At the moment we just filter the list and the sort order and it’s not explicitly defined how they are ordered.