Sorting order of shared folders

Sorting looks buggy:

Paperpile should sort folders and subfolders automatically (0-9, then a-z; possibly, with consideration to non-Latin scripts as well as scripts that use extended Latin character sets).

Additionally, it would be great to be able to set order (for shared folders), for example using URL parametres (sort by name, sort by date of last update, sort by size - ascending, descending).

Thanks, we’ll fix it.

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It would also be good to use logical ordering, i.e., 10, 11, 12… go after 9, not after 1.

If that’s fixed you have my subscription.


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That’s fixed in the latest update. Thanks for reporting.

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this is still not fixed for me - the logical ordering. mine orders 1,11,2,3,4,5 etc

@William_Mair Yes it seems folders with numbers are still sorted based on their Ascii value not their numeric value. It seems we fixed something else the original poster reported as his examples seem to be sorted correctly (

I’ve filed a bug in our internal bug tracker.

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