Square brackets for parentheses within parentheses

When using Chicago style formatting, when needing nested parentheses one should use square brackets for the inner set, (see CMOS 6.101, in the 17th edition).

I typically edit the citation manually during writing; however, I will often need to update the bibliography. This requires me to go back and reformat the citations, which can result in missing some (and is generally a pain).

An easy solution would be to add to use square brackets in place of parenteses as an option near the “Suppress Author” checkbox in the add citation dialog.

I am using the Word plug-in for reference, but I believe this affects Google Docs IIRC.

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Thanks for bringing this up, @Geophysical_Ninja. This topic has come up before but no solutions for it are currently planned as there hasn’t been much demand for it. Your suggestion is definitely sensible and is now on our tracker as a +1 on the topic.

Related: I found the same request posted on the CSL forum and a related Github issue in case you’d like to add to that discussion.

I would like to +1 on @Geophysical_Ninja’s suggestion and increase demand for this request. The three people that I regularly work with who use Paperpile would also appreciation this feature request. Having to reformat all the nested parentheses as brackets manually every time the citations are updated is an inefficient use of time and prone to missing some cases.

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