Stackedit is a markdown editor that can easily be integrated into Google docs, so that documents can be created and edited from the common interface. It enables real-time LaTeX input (by MathJAX) that makes very attractive when writing math heavy research notes. Having the support to add references in a manner similar to Google Writer would make it a well rounded tool, ideally suited for quick note taking.

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I’ve not heard about Sounds great, I’ll check it out. We are quite limited in our resources to add third party integrations at this point though. Currently we focus on Google Docs and hope to announce some more integrations with popular writing tools later this year.

Just want to add my support for this also. I’m encouraging my lab group to use stackedit for writing up our research, and paperpile within it would be awesome. Currently we’re using paperpile within google docs.

Seems is markdown based. For that we have quite concrete plans and also a separate thread where we welcome all discussions on the topic: