Stop downloading free PDF from PubMed?

I am wondering if there is an option to disable downloading the free unformatted version of PDF from PubMed.

Even when I have the library proxy on, the automatically downloaded PDF is still the free unformatted version. I would have to remove the downloaded file, download from the publisher, and attach the formatted PDF to the paper entry.

I believe this is not up to us, but to what PubMed makes available for export. Does it happen with every paper?

Not every paper. It happens to all papers with “Free PMC Article”. Some free PDFs are not formatted, like this one

I think it is related to how “Auto-Download” function finds the PDF. It would be helpful if PubMed could be excluded from the PDF search paths.

We always download the publisher version first before we go to PMC. Only if you don’t have access to the PDF you should get an unformatted PMC article. If that’s not the case that’s a bug.

@andreas Any ideas on that?