Stripping Hyperlinks from PDFs and Docx exports


When I export a Paperpile Google Doc to PDF or .docx the footnotes are still hyperlinked back to my Paperpile bibiography / account should anyone click on them.

I really don’t want this behaviour.

I’ve read elsewhere in the forum that it’s possible to export as a ‘clean’ document without the links, but I’m not seeing how this can be done.

Can anyone walk me through the steps to export a Google doc with Paperpile references not hyperlinked.


Please install our sidebar addon:

Then click the “cog” button and “Export”. Then choose the option Export without citation codes.

I can’t find this option in the recent paperpile add-on. When I look at export all I see is options to export references.
Is there any other way I can download the document without the links?

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