Styling footnote references

Hi everyone

I just finished my first add-on for Google Docs that allows footnotes (and footnote references) to be styled collectively. It’s called Footnote Stylist.

I figured many of you, like me, use Paperpile for footnote references and that, like me, you often want to be able to change the font size or spacing of those footnotes. The add-on facilitates this.

The add-on is available completely free in docs add-on store. Just search “footnote stylist”. Alternatively, follow the link below.


Thanks. Great to see that the eco-system of Google Docs add-ons is growing.

Thanks so much for this - I’m writing my dissertation using Google Docs and Paperpile at the moment and this is an absolute life saver!

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No problem :smile:

If anyone found this useful, please remember to leave a review…