Stylus button (erase) support

I am enjoying my trial period a lot! I am switching from a different reference manager and got accustomed to the paperpile flow quite easily (also the import was smooth).
I am currently writing my first latex paper completely based on paperpile and everything so far is working great.
Thanks guys for creating a killer app. You have likely found a new loyal customer :slight_smile:

The possibility to scribble on the papers is super-useful capability. This will allow me to rely on a single app also for reviewing purposes, which will vastly simplify my workflow.

One thing that is anyhow slowing me down is the possibility to rely on the stylus button to erase handwritten notes. I am using both a Boox Note on eink and an S-pen on a Samsunng device. Both devices have a button on the styluses that allows to erase parts of handwritten notes.
In paperpile, the button press is not recognized: the app sees the β€œerase” gesture as if I were still writing. So I have to repeatedly switch between the pen and the rubber tool. The most annoying part here is that both tools are under the same menu button: so I have to long-press the button to switch between rubber and pen. This slows the process down quite a lot.

Am I missing some option to allow to use the stylus button for erasing? Is this something that might be supported in the future? At least, would it be possible to redesign the UI so that we have two different buttons for pen and rubber?

Thanks again a lot for your great product!