Such a pleasure to use

All I’m writing so say is what a good job they’ve done. I’ve used a good few ref managers out there and it’s always been a bit of a drag. Paperpile actually gets references, downloads the PDFs, you don’t have to flick back and forward and get lost. The plug-in really works and seems like it was designed by someone who actually writes academic texts (the supress author option is very easy to use and saves a lot of time).

I would love to see more integration into other Google products - for example maybe being able to save the refs as Google Sheets, or easy integration into mind-mapping software or similar.

In any case, brilliant job with this one.


Thank you @Blankspace42 for your feedback! Paperpile is designed by former academics :slight_smile:

Integrations with other Google products and mind-mapping software have been requested before. I have added your +1 to our feature tracker for the team’s consideration.