Suggestion for Notion hook

While Paperpile’s PDF reader/annotator is excellent, I find that it is missing capability for taking full-page notes. I am instead creating pages in Notion that correspond to papers in my library and am including links between the two.

I think it would be really useful to automate this bridge. For example, there could be a button for each paper to generate a new page in a Notion database for that paper. You could autofill some basic properties in the page (e.g. title, authors, date, paperpile/paper link). And you could add the link to the Notion page in the paperpile metadata.

Thoughts? Do others find this useful?


Thanks for the nice feedback, @apoorvkh. We’ve received several requests throughout the years to integrate with Notion and other writing tools so it’s definitely a direction we’re headed towards. Adding your +1 to the topic on our tracker!


I’m doing exactly the same! Having an automated function to do that would be great.


Just flagging this for your attention – the Notion API is now public.


+1 would be great to sync them up. May I also suggest tags/labels as an additional item.


A good stand-in until this is added to Paperpile.

jmuchovej/paperpile-notion: Integrating Paperpile with Notion Databases :arrows_counterclockwise: ( (I put my own fork because I’m working on expanding the capabilities of the original repository – and adding author <-> paper relations, among other things.)


Circling back to let you know I’ve since published a preliminary version of this on pip. Do let me know of any issues and the like over on the repository. :slight_smile:

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Yes, this is exactly what I need. However in the interim, the ability to export a properly formatted Word Doc would enable notion import. Still a bit of a pain, but would be much easier then the current workflow. I just posted this elsewhere, but currently copying and pasting between three apps:

Paperpile RTF export > copy
paste google doc
google doc export word doc
word doc import into notion

I second this feature. Also check out Maya Gosztyla’s article on using Notion to track paper reading and notes. She uses a Zotero integration, but it would be awesome if there were one for Paperpile.

I’m here because of that article too! Bump bump.

@sisichen and @Emma_Patterson, welcome to the forum, and thank you for drawing this article to our attention :slight_smile: Right now, we are prioritizing testing of the rewrite of the web app, but Notion integration is planned for the future (see our roadmap).