Support Chrome OS with Android App

I’m excited that an Android app is being built, but I hope you all add basic support for Chrome OS too. Chrome OS is extremely dominant in the education field and its popularity is growing. Google is adding support for the Play Store to Chrome OS ( and it’s already active for all 2017 Chromebooks. Paperpile support for Chrome OS could be as simple as adding support for a cursor and keyboard shortcuts to the Android app.


But doesn’t the paperpile extension in Chrome OS already do the job? I mean, I usually use the extension in my school library’s loaned chromebook, even without Play store.

It’s mainly for the offline support and the better tablet support since many Chromebooks are now coming with touch screens.

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For the very same reason I just switched from an Android tablet to one of the new flip Chromebooks that also act as tablets. This way I can read papers just like on my android tablet but also have full access to the current functionalities provided by Paperpile and MetaPDF. Not sure what is missing for Chrome OS users? I couldn’t be more happy. Perhaps annotating PDFs in a the touch screen mode could be improved, but one can always switch to laptop mode when this is needed.

What size of flip chromebook did you use? I have already given up waiting for the android app, and have been considering a convertible Chromebook for some time now. Only, I’m not sure how cramped Paperpile interface might be on a 10.1" 1280x800 screen in portrait or landscape orientation. Is your Chromebook size 10.1" ?

I am using a 12.5 inch Asus C302CA.

I use a Chromebook Asus Flipbook where the actual screen size is 8.5 inch wide and 5 in tall. The entire screen is 12 inch diagonal. Here’s a picture of how PP looks in it:

It not too bad and you can zoom in with the touchscreen or the track pad

Thanks a lot in providing a glimpse of how PP looks on a 10.1" 1280x800 screen! :slight_smile: