Support for continuous drawing

Right now, I am able to choose the draw with a pencil option. But every time I select that and draw something, the option un-selects itself once I release the mouse. I want to be able to keep the editor in draw mode since I frequently take handwritten notes using a digital pen.


Up. I’ll also like that. Is it in your pipeline for the updates, Paperpile Developers?

We do not have any concrete plans for this, but can see the use case. Is this for the desktop case or the ios/android case?

It’s for the desktop. Just like srk said above: “the [hand drawing] option un-selects itself once I release the mouse”. I have also additional issues - I’m using a touch-screen laptop and when I’m activating the hand drawing option and use the margins to scroll the page with my finger, then when I try to draw after scrolling the drawing doesn’t work. I have to dis-activate and activate the drawing option again.

It would be great if you added a drawing option with one finger, and scrolling with two fingers, like it’s done in Acrobat Reader. :slight_smile:

WHAT do you mean :tired_face: :unamused: :brain: :brain: :brain: :frowning_face: