Support for plugin in google sheets?

Not sure if I’m the only one who wants to do this, but i’m putting together a review in spreadsheet format, and would love to be able to access references from paperpile (I have to copy them in manually at this point). Any thoughts on including this feature in the future? Not really sure this is even a realistic request, just curious.

Isaac Overcast


Sorry, we don’t have any plans to develop a plugin for sheets. It would be a huge undertaking and given the limited demand/use cases compared to the Docs plugin it’s most likely not worth the effort.

Cool no sweat, thanks for getting back to me. You can consider this issue closed, i was more curious than committed to it.

Sad to hear that there will not be any plugin for Sheets.

I am in the similar situation that I make my tables in Sheets due to the very limited capabilities of Docs’ sheets.

This is a screenshot how I create my Tables in Sheets:

I would like to share experiences with other users. How do you create your tables and how does that integrate into your workflow?



Yes, I see references in Google Sheets being useful, maybe with just the ability to insert Paperpile citations. I can see bibliography creation being a challenge, and probably not being as useful. I’m surprised it would be such a jump to allow Paperpile citations in Sheets if its already created for Google Docs.

Hi Stefan, It’s a shame that Paperpile cannot be added to Google sheets. It would be massively beneficial for the users.

Agreed that this would be very helpful feature. Not a deal-breaker in my case, but it may be for some. Endnote has a nice workaround for working with documents outside of MS Word (“insert unformatted citation”) but there isn’t an equivalent in Paperpile. This is helpful when you design a table in excel or a figure in Powerpoint and then insert into Word. Again, not a dealbreaker by any means - and I still like Paperpile much more than Endnote - but the absence of the feature is noticeable.


Hi to all, I am trying to put my citation in a table in google sheets, but I cannot edit, see or add… is there a way to work with Paperpile in this app?

@Emiliano_Navarro Copying a plain text citation to the clipboard from the web app (by selecting the reference and pressing Ctrl-C) and pasting the citation into Google Sheets is working on our end. Is this what you tried, or did you mean something else?