Support for Springer is not so good

In the PDF page of ScienceDirect, Elsevier, the reference with meta data and pdf file can be easity added to Paperpile.

However, if doing this in the PDF page of Springer, it will only add a no-title reference with pdf to Paperpile.

Paperpile parses the PDF to extract title, authors, and DOI. How well this works strongly depends on the PDF. I just tried it on this one and it worked well:

Could you provide an example where it did not work?

for example, the following paper

I click download article - download pdf. the webpage including the pdf file is opened in*~hmac=ea361cb366c36d712e1aacbd5f791e865a696cf4e34bef055af8db94f5af36c6

At this page, i try to add pdf to paperpile, it is failed to get the correct meta info, and only upload the pdf to paperpile with no tilte and other data.

For me, Papeprile is able to extract the DOI of the paper. That should be enough to fetch the meta data.

Sometimes the connection to PubMed, CrossRef, or the Publisher Page is slow and times out. In that case you could try triggering an auto-update of the meta data by selecting the reference in your Paperpile library and the hitting SHIFT + A.