Suppress month in citations

I am using Paperpile with Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (author-date) citations. For some reason, the full date (with month and year, sometimes even day) is appearing in the in-text citation, which is not part of the Chicago style.

For example, “A growing body of empirical literature… (Jones et al. 11/2015)”

I would like this to appear as (Jones et al. 2015).

Sometimes month and day of publication information automatically imports into Paperpile, but if I’m using the Chicago style for citations, I would not expect it to show up in the citations. I even manually edited the Paperpile entries to exclude the month, and it is still appearing.

How do I get this to stop? Particularly, how do I get it to stop without having to manually adjust every Paperpile entry as well?

Welcome to our forum, @Nina_Brooks! That’s strange - Chicago seems to be working as expected on my end. Does the citation style dialog in the document look like the below for you?

If the issue persists - is it happening with all citations? It would be great if you could reproduce it in a document and share that with us via chat or email (