Switch between Footnotes and In-Text (In-Line) Refs

Can Paperpile (or any other reference managers) do a full automatic conversion between a footnote style reference and an in-line/in-text style reference?

I use Paperpile and usually do footnote MHRA by default, but I manually create the footnote with Googledocs “insert footnbote”, and then add the paperpile citation. But now I want to submit a paper to somewhere demanding APA in-text (Author, Date, page). Is there any automatic way to convert them to inline (in-text)? Is this even possible in Googledocs?

Experimenting with a inserting a citation in-text, I can’t seem to autoformat it so that it moves to a footnote in Googledocs.

Is it true that some of the managers can do this conversion?

As you mention, footnotes are created via Google Docs (or Word) options and citations can be inserted there. This means we have no control to format/modify the footnote itself - only the citation info within it. I don’t have any automated workarounds to speak of nor do I think other managers are able to do this, but I could be wrong about the latter!