Sync library BibTeX file to Google Drive

Already chatted to Stefan about this, but posting for general feature request goodness.

A feature request. I often switch between Google Docs and LaTeX for writing academic papers, and I’m also usually adding papers to my library often during the writing process. If I’m writing LaTeX locally, I currently need to update my library’s .bib file frequently via download from Paperpile. Is there a way to ‘reveal’ a generic URL for .bib download, so I use e.g. wget -N (url.bib) to update the .bib file automatically when compiling on my system?


I’d like this too. Do you imagine that the url.bib would download your entire bibliography?

I’ve now got over a 1000 items in my collection, so I now use one tag per paper I’m working on, and tag all the papers that I want to cite in a paper.

So, another suggestion to add to the mix would be something like wget url.bib?tag which would download the bib files of all entries marked with that tag.

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Automatically saving a .bib file in Google Drive for each Paperpile folder would suit me nicely. Integration with online LaTeX editors like writeLaTeX would be pretty great too.


+1 to this, and integration with Overleaf would be ideal.


+1 for this, please

agreed, integration with overleaf would be great!


+1, great idea!

+1, overleaf is popular, and please consider as a light LaTeX + markdown editor.

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I’d like this too. For me just having an automatically updated single .bib file for my whole library, or for folders/tags that I select, available in the Paperpile folder on my google drive, would be great.

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+1, would be very helpful

+1, that is so essential…

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Just noticed in Overleaf - the online LaTex writer, there are 1-click options to import Zotero and Mendeley bibliographies. I wonder if PP might consider something similar?

Are there some news, about the overleaf-integration?

We don’t have news on this yet, but while working on the Word plugin we are making sure it can be used for other integrations easily down the line (like generic BibTeX, Overleaf or Markdown).

Hi–I am new to paperpile and so far I really love it. (Am currently on trial subscription.)

However, this feature–a persistent URL pointing to the .bib version of the database–is really a “must have” for me to consider paying for the service. I need to use overleaf with my paperpile database. Because of how overleaf works, no special “integration” is necessary, just a normal HTTP link pointing to the .bib file. Overleaf can pull from any file on the web and automatically re-sync on demand.

Please, please consider adding a persistent .bib url for paperpile bibliographies. From a technical point of view, this really can’t be that hard, considering that you already have the ability to export to .bib.

We should have some news about that relatively soon. In the meantime, we have put together a small survey to better understand the use cases and workflows related to LaTeX: