Sync only "Starred paper" option in Google Drive Desktop

Will be great that “starred papers” folder would be outside of Paperpile folder in Google Drive. In this way users would to sync only this folder in Mac o PC, and no the entire library

In Google Drive you can select “sync only these folders” in the preferences to selectively sync only those folders that you select.

@kerim That is what I thought initially. However, I just checked and it seems at least on the Mac the Drive sync client only allows to check the top level folders. So you can’t include/exclude any subfolders. That makes this impossible what actually should be very easy…

Ah, since I don’t use this function on the desktop I did not realize that. This seems like something to bring up with Google as a feature request. (In general Google Drive is not as polished as Dropbox…)

This would be possible if the “Starred papers” if it were in a top level folder… by default or by option!?

Yes, but it just does not feel right to take out the starred folder from the Paperpile folder and patch and complicate our system because of another system’s limitations. So I’m I’m afraid we have to answer this with a clear ‘no’ at this point.

Good news for you. Google Drive clients on Mac and Windows can now selectively sync also subfolders: