Sync, proxy and Paperpile button

I’m switching to Paperpile from Papers, and have 3 questions about the iOS app:

  1. I synced my ~1500 PDFs on my laptop without problem. Is there a way to easily download them all to my iPad? I can only seem to do one at a time.

  2. Proxy management works well on my laptop; is there a way to use my library proxy from the iPad app?

  3. How do I get the Paperpile button to appear on Google Scholar in Chrome for iOS?

Thanks, wish this info was easy to find and I didn’t have to ask these basic questions. Paperpile seems great but the documentation is very poor.


For the 1st question, I think if you add them all to a folder ie “ipad” and then under organize folder select offline on the ipad, it should work. I know it does that on android. Then again there is a proxy section on settings and it doesn’t sound like there is on ipad so maybe they are very different.

Thanks, I actually did find the tiny little settings button at the lower left and was able to add my library proxy, which now works.

Not sure I understand your answer to the first question… do you mean create an “ipad” folder in the Paperpile web app on my laptop and then somehow designate that folder as “offline on the iPad?” Not sure how to do this… sorry, I’m just starting with Paperpile and the documentation is lacking.


On your computer, you can make a folder with all of your current items in it. Then on the ipad find the organize folders option. For android, it is in the hamburger menu and then three dots beside Folders, click that and it allows you to check a box to offline folders, if you offline that folder you created on the computer, it would download all the files. Then you’d only have to worry about downloading any future things you add. Sorry if it works differently on the ipad than android!

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Thanks! That seems to be working… it’s downloading now. Kind of a kludgy, non-intuitive solution though. Appreciate your help!

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Welcome to our forum, @Jaimie_Henderson! Thanks for the queries - glad to see @Flounder’s accurate advice was helpful for your first two questions. For the third: currently there’s no Paperpile import button on mobile. This button is placed there by our Chrome extension and there is yet no mobile equivalent.

We are working on developing our support documentation and Help Center, which for mobile is still essentially nonexistent. In the meantime, please feel free to post further questions here or contact us directly via chat/email (