Sync to dropbox

This was requested a while ago but now maybe it’s time to revisit.

With paperpile becomes better and larger, our library becomes large for long users. I think many of us have paid dropbox storage and it’s truly better than google drive in many ways. Can we have an option to sync our library to dropbox instead of google drive?

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@Yaosen, we understand the importance of this feature for you and the preference of Dropbox over GDrive for many users. It makes complete sense to offer more storage alternatives; we’ve simply decided to prioritize other topics deemed more urgent/impactful first based on user statistics & demand.

Some of the updates we are currently working on (new log-in options in particular) will pave the way for us to be able to consider implementing more storage solutions in the future. As usual, I’m logging this +1 on our tracker!

I am not sure how this forum works, but I wanted to “upvote” this request since I also prefer Dropbox over GDrive for many reasons, particularly for the desktop app. This is particularly important in the case of Paperpile where I would like to access my literature in an offline environment on my laptop without a special Paperpile app.

I just recently started using Paperpile and I enjoy it, truly remarkable, but I have to say that I do so despite of not having Dropbox sync functionality.

Please consider adding this feature.

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