Syncing issue with Google Drive

For some reason, paperpile won’t sync some papers to Google drive. I wait until the icon is no longer flashing. I also tried to delete and re-add, and turn off and on the sync function, it still won’t sync this particular paper to google drive, while most other papers are synced.
This is the paper shown on the app

but not on google drive.

I even added it to starred papers, it’s still not there.

However, it appears that this issue can resolved by adding another paper. Then, two papers are added to google drive at the same time. I suppose this’s not intentional.

Thank you for your report, @Emrick. In the new Paperpile, go to Settings > Files and Storage and hit the Resync button. After the sync to Google Drive has finished, please remove and reinstall the extension by going to the dots menu > Extensions > Manage Extensions, so that the team is sure your sync is up-to date. Let us know how that goes.