Tag a higlight/annotation

Is it possible to tag a higlight/annotation iteself inside the PDF instead of tagging the pdf. So that way I have multiple tags associated with different highlights in pdf

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Not at the moment, @Faisal_Khan. Do you mean tags like the ones from your library, or independent ones? I see the use for expanded searching (perhaps topic-based), but please explain a bit more of your use case so I can add the idea to our internal tracker.

something like hypothesis app has. they can tag each highlight ( it is different than the tag of document) . so lets say i assign a tag alpha to the highlight in one document and i add the same tag to another highlight in another document, when i sort on that tag, i can pull up these references in one place. this is very cool and helps in searching by themes across multiple documents

Thanks for the clarification! This has actually been similarly requested before, so I’ve added your +1 to the existing topic on our tracker. It’s likely the team will consider this and other features like it soon.


another +1 for this please!! THat would be very helpful!

I’d love this as well. Need a way to search across annotations and notes for multiple sources for tags or keywords.

and another + 1 from me too!